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It seems that everybody is talking about how celebrity moms who lose their baby weight fast effect the rest of us.

And the news isn’t good. Apparently, as celebrities with their new babies barely three months old trot out in their slimmed-down physiques, it makes non-celebrity moms feel — how's that go — awful. And to make matters worse, seeing these slim celebrity moms make some want to go on a crash diet.

In a recent survey, two thirds of the women asked said they felt some degree of coercion because of images of seemingly instantly skinny celebrity moms.

Because of our 365/24/7 media culture, women whose job it is to look fantastic feel like they need to look "fantastic," like they did before they had babies, and as quickly as possible to maintain their brands. Many of them are not going on crash diets to lose the weight fast- instead, they’re hiring trained professionals to help them exercise, and to eat well, and others to take care of their babies. The bigger question- even if you could hire a trainer, a nutritionist, a nanny or two and a cook, a dog walker, etc., should you even try to lose all your baby weight within three months of the baby's birth?

The answer- no. Being pregnant, giving birth, and then caring for a newborn are physically and emotionally demanding acts. Women’s bodies have evolved to meet the stressful demands of reproduction and after giving birth, women need time to recover. And certainly more than three months. Celebrities who choose to lose weight super-fast and then show off their bodies in the media has more to do with their business and careers than their health.

We can look at celebrity moms and we can appreciate the work they do to look the way they do. And while looking that way really is THEIR job, it’s not everyone’s.

So here’s the real question: After Kate Middleton has her first baby, we'll see how long it take her to lose the baby weight.

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