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Is Mary Bryne the ‘next Susan Boyle’?

Mary Bryne's singing voice has been a hit with X Factor judges. Despite her elation at having gotten so far in the competition, Bryne still feels insecure about her weight. Bryne's daughter, Deborah, says her mom wouldn’t rule out having weight loss surgery.

When speaking with New! Magazine, 23-year-old Deborah Bryne said: “If the offer was there she could, but I think she wants to do it naturally. If it came down to the crunch and she had to, she probably would.”

Weight loss surgery has become increasingly popular as a means of losing weight for obese people. One of the most common types of weight loss surgery is gastric band surgery. In gastric band surgery, a metal band is placed around the obese person's stomach to limit the amount the person can comfortably eat.

Another is gastric BYPASS surgery, where surgeons go in and "rewire" the digestive system. The stomach is made smaller causing food to be rerouted away from the small intestine. As a result, fewer calories get absorbed and the person begins to lose weight.

Talking more about her mom’s struggle with weight loss, Deborah said: “"She gets down about her weight. She does want to lose weight, obviously for health reasons. But she doesn't complain about it."

Mary has pledged to strive for better health. "I coped with it by comfort eating and it was a vicious circle. The weight went on dramatically and I ended up hating myself. I couldn't stand what I saw when I looked in the mirror,” she said. “But I'm on a mission to get fitter and be in good shape by the end of the show."


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