Weight Loss TV Show

What's Your Favorite Weight Loss TV Show?

Aren't you tired of hearing, "If you would just eat right and exercise, you would be at your ideal weight?"

Oh really- as if we didn't know that.

There are multiple inner and outer obstacles that keep us from eating right and exercising. And that's where Club Weight Loss is different.

We're going to clearly point out what those obstacles are, and help you find a way around, or THROUGH them.

We can't remove them for you, but most of the time, we don't even know what's holding us back. That slender, more healthy you, is inside. Together, we're going to go in and get her.

Hi, I'm Fable, creator of Club Weight Loss. Because I've spent 30 years working with women and their image issues, I'm highly sensitive to our physical, spiritual, and emotions issues surrounding weight. Having been obese at two different, long stretches in my life, AND overcoming it, I now maintain a healthier weight, but still struggle to reach that next healthy plateau. So I'm right there with you.

I'm not a Pilates instructor who's never had an ounce of fat on her, without a clue what it's like to be dangerously overweight.

We're not dieticians selling the trendiest, new diet program. What we do offer is multiple tools that we ask you to experiment with, and change often, because BOREDOM is the killer of motivation.

As a Club Weight Loss member (yearly membership is less than the price of one week's grocery bill), you'll get ALL of the following:

red_check_box Weight Loss Coaching
red_check_box A Community of Women To Share With
red_check_box Interesting, Tasty Recipes
red_check_box Exercise Concepts
red_check_box Celebrity Wins And Losses
red_check_box A Forum Where You Can Share With, And Support, Other Members
red_check_box An Online Journal So You Can Track Your Progress (if that works for you)
red_check_box Weight Loss Book Store
red_check_box Weight Loss Equipment Store
red_check_box Podcasts by Weight Loss Experts
red_check_box Access To Videos
red_check_box Webinars With The Best In The Weight Loss Field
red_check_box Weight Loss News And Updates
red_check_box Weight Loss Articles
red_check_box Daily Focuses
red_check_box Weekly Targeted Coaching
red_check_box And so much more coming!

The Club will constantly be adding new information, podcasts, videos, articles, recipes, recommended books, reviews on diet plans, and the latest webinars.

Plus, the Club Weight Loss Community (based on a FaceBook platform) will be growing with new members, events, pix, and specials- but only for members.

Come join the fun. Be a part of the Club Weight Loss Community! 



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