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pancakesMom and Dad always said, "Don't Play With Your Food!"
But we want you to.

If we have to eat simple food, it can still taste good.
So try adding things like 'Hot Shots' to spice up your baked potato.

Or add lemon, or lime, to your water.

Chives and mushrooms sauteed in balsamic vinaigrette on almost anything.

Red wine, olive oil, balsalmic vinaigrette and 'Lea and Perrin's Worchestershire Sauce' reduction on steak.

A sprig of rosemary in boiling water for your corn on the cob. Fantastic!

Grilled onions adds a lot of texture and flavor to many things.

Try foccacia bread instead of regular bread for your sandwiches.

Use mustard instead of mayo. There's yellow, hot, Dusseldorf, honey, horseradish- live it up!

These are just a few tricks to add flavor and hide some calories under a shell for later.


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