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  • pancakes

    Here you will find some of our favorite recipes, meal options, and snacking strategies. We want you to experiment with what works for you. So play around with ALL these ideas, and then KEEP playing around! We will have to eat forever, so let's open up some avenues.

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  • move me for weight lossI wanna move, I wanna groove.

    Here are easy workouts, big-picture concepts on why we must exercise, and

    ideas on finding the joy of your body again.

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  • inspire me for weight lossIncluded here are uplifting concepts and stories of courage, struggle and perseverance.
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  • weight loss adjustment

    So, you've gotten off track.
    Sometimes we just need a fresh, easy idea to make a small move or two to
    gain some momentum.


    >> Here's how to get back on track!

  • connect with weight lossHere's your opportunity to connect with other Club Weight Loss members- all dealing with the same issues and all attempting to achieve the same goals. Come join the conversation in the Club Weight Loss Forum where we talk about:  Which Foods Have Worked, Not Worked And Why; Exercise- What Works, What Doesn't and Why; Surgical and Cosmetic Solutions To Weight Loss; and The Padded Room- The Psychological Battles.

  • weight loss will restore meOften times, we are so tired we reach for food and stimulants like caffeine and sugar
    to get us through our day. Let's explore some alternative options for restoring our
    bodies and our spirit.

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Americans' Diets Are A Train Wreck-1312011

Loaded with few healthy foods, high-calorie fast food, little nutrition junk food and overly sweetened beverages, many Americans' diets are a train wreck, according to Nanci Hellmich over at American Chronicle. In fact, about two-thirds of American adults and one-third of American children are overweight or obese.


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